(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) (VOCABULARY WORD) n.
[IN tur net]
a national or international network of computers and computer networks.
Many people are making connections over the Internet.
SYN.: computer network, *information superhighway, World Wide Web, the Web, the Net, medium, online network, cyberspace, *Infobahn, *virtual city, *virtual village, *global village.
abandoned Web site no longer maintained: ghost site, orphan annie
ACK: chatting shorthand for ‘‘acknowledge address abreviation,’’ such as .com or .org, at end of URL: domain
address, Web site: URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
advertisement, Web page: banner ad, popup ad
advertisement trading between Web sites: banner exchange
AFK: chatting shorthand for ‘‘away from keyboard’’
animation and computation program: applet
articles, collection of related: newsgroup
ASAP: chatting shorthand for ‘‘as soon as possible’’
BAK: chatting shorthand for ‘‘back at the keyboard’’
BBN: chatting shorthand for ‘‘bye bye now’’
BBS: bulletin board system
BCNU: chatting shorthand for ‘‘be seeing you’’
BRB: chatting shorthand for ‘‘be right back’’ blinking line on computer screen marking
next character location: cursor
browse, search or move about on the Web: navigate, *surf, *cruise
browsing aid: browser
BTW: chatting shorthand for ‘‘by the way’’
BWL: chatting shorthand for ‘‘bursting with laughter’’
business deriving income via the Internet: e-business
button that brings one to previous Web page: back button
C&G: chatting shorthand for ‘‘chuckle and grin’’
CNP: chatting shorthand for ‘‘continued in next post’’
CYA: chatting shorthand for ‘‘see ya’’
CYAL8R: chatting shorthand for ‘‘see ya later’’
decoding of encrypted messages: decryption
device for photographing hard documents or graphics and transmitting them on to the Intenet: scanner
devious marketing trick using false keywords such as ‘‘sex’’ to draw search engines to a Web site: bait and switch
café with computers and Internet access: cybercafé
camera used to send video or pictures over Web: webcam
Capital letters, e-mailing or chatting using all: shouting
coding data into math for security: encryption
coding mathematics used to secure transactions: cryptography
college or other classroom learning over the Internet: distance learning
commands for creating Web pages, formatting: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
compressed file, Windows-based: Zip file, .zip file
communications allowing direct contact, two-way: interactive
connect to a network or Web site: log in, log on
connected to server or Internet: online
connector of networks, electronic: router
conversations, online medium where users can have real time: chat room
converse online in real time: chat; instant message
correspondence, electronic: e-mail
criminal destruction or disruption of Internet communications: cyberterrorism
decompress or open a Zip file: unzip
disconnected from server or Internet: offline
discussion forum: newsgroup
discussions, reading but not participating in: lurking
e-mail which must be downloaded, file sometimes sent with: attachment
failure of network resulting in frozen mouse or keyboard: crash; meltdown
fight between two or more people, online: *flame war
fighting verbally online: flaming
file page, online: Web page
fraud, online: cyberfraud
FYEO: chatting shorthand for ‘‘for your eyes only’’
FYI: chatting shorthand for ‘‘for your information’’
GG: chatting shorthand for ‘‘gotta go’’
G/S?: chatting shorthand for ‘‘gay or straight?’’
IC: chatting shorthand for ‘‘I see’’
identification file automatically created and stored on hard drive after visiting Web site: cookie
identification marker used to legally protect original documents from unauthorized use: digital fingerprinting
ILY: chatting shorthand for ‘‘I love you’’
IM: chatting shorthand for ‘‘instant message’’
IMHO: chatting shorthand for ‘‘in my humble opinion’’
IMO: chatting shorthand for ‘‘in my opinion’’
frequent traveler through: *cybernaut, *internaut
identification number assigned to every computer on Internet: IP address
identify person online from e-mail address, program or utility that can: finger
FAQS: frequently asked questions
format change, rewriting to create a: encoding
handwriting recognition software: Graffiti
head page of Web site: home page
host computer, network’s: server
image or the mechanism that creates it, standardized, compressed: JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), .jpg
image transformation effects: morphing
inaccessible due to technical difficulty: down
inexperienced newcomer to: *newbie
interconnection of two or more computers: network
junk e-mail, unwanted advertisements or: spam
K: chatting shorthand for ‘‘kiss’’
KIT: chatting shorthand for ‘‘keep in touch’’
know-it-all, Internet: geek
large or very powerful computer: mainframe, Cray
L8R: chatting shorthand for ‘‘later’’
lettering style: font
library of stored files: archive
link leading directly to a favorite site: bookmark
link made up of glowing text or graphics that when clicked leads directly to another Web page or site: hyperlink, hotlink
links to related documents, text system used to create: hypertext
list of options to choose on screen: menu, drop-down menu
log of Web sites recently visited: history list
LOL: chatting shorthand for ‘‘laughing out loud’’
loss of data during transmission: bitloss
M/F?: chatting shorthand for ‘‘male or female?’’
magazine, electronic: e-zine
mail downloading tool and clock setter: bot, autobot
mailing list server: Listserve
mail sorter used to block unwanted advertisements: mail filter mailing to a single recipient to wreak havoc on server, intentional mass: flooding, mail bomb
mail that is undeliverable, to return: bounce
manners, online: *netiquette
medium, computer: cyberspace
meeting with participants on video, Internet: video conferencing
message medium: bulletin board
message, put up a: post
miniaturized picture clicked on to display a larger version: thumbnail
money, electronic: *cybercash, e-money
motion picture file: MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group)
multimedia links allowing the downloading of graphics, videos, or audio files: hypermedia
music storage and transmission in digital format, standard of: MP3
music (MP3 files) downloading and trading application: Napster
network confined to a single building or floor: LAN (Local Area Network)
network computer providing multiple services, such as e-mail, for other computers: host
network of discussion groups called newsgroups: USENET
network, in-house company: intranet
network, individual computer connected to a: node
network, international: World Wide Web, the Web
networking method used in small areas: ethernet
netgroups, giant network of: Usenet
NTMY: chatting shorthand for ‘‘nice to meet you’’
OIC: chatting shorthand for ‘‘oh, I see’’
OMG: chatting shorthand for ‘‘oh my god!’’
online journal or forum with links to communicate with participants: blog, Web log
overloaded data path resulting in no or slow response from server: congestion
PM: chatting shorthand for ‘‘private message’’
PMJI: chatting shorthand for ‘‘pardon my jumping in’’
portion of data transmitted or received, one: packet
programming wizard: *hacker, *cracker
protocol for transmission and reception, data: HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
protocol of Internet, standard communications: TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet)
record of activity on a Web site: log
reload Web page for updated content: refresh
representation or picture of specific item that is clicked to activate program or link: icon
ROTF: chatting shorthand for ‘‘rolling on the floor’’
screen portion one must scroll down to see: below the fold
screen presentation without toolbars, menus, borders: kiosk mode; presentation mode
search system: search engine
searches new Internet resources, program that: crawler, bot, spider
section of a Web page, separate or divided: frame
sex on, pseudo: *cybersex
sexual materials found on: *cyberporn
shopping mall, online: e-mall
simulation: virtual
simulation of reality: virtual reality
software copying, illegal: piracy
software, free: shareware
stealing a Web page and its files for unauthorized use: pagejacking
storage disk, data and graphics: Zip Disk
storage and shrinkage, data: compression
store, compress multiple files as one: archive
storehouse of related data: database
store of Web files on hard drive used for quicker access to previously visited Web sites: cache
symbols illustrating sender’s emotional state, shorthand: emoticons
SYS: chatting shorthand for ‘‘see you soon’’
talk medium and meeting place: chat room
talking with others online in real time: chatting, instant messaging
television online service: WebTV
transfer file from another’s computer to yours: download
transfer file to another’s computer from yours: upload
transmission channel using fiber-optic or coaxial cable, high speed, high capacity: broadband
transmission circuit superior to regular phone circuit: DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)
transmission service via telephone lines: dial-up
TTYL: chatting shorthand for ‘‘talk to you later’’
video data transfer technique, live: streaming
Web sites, related and linked: Web ring
virus disguised as a program, hard drive-erasing: Trojan Horse
viruses, program that weeds out: anti-virus
virus-safe programming language used for Internet use: Java
virus, self-replicating: worm
visits to Web site, tallied: hits
WB: chatting shorthand for ‘‘welcome back’’
Web site architect or graphics designer: Web designer
Web site manager: Webmaster
wire-free Internet access: wireless
wireless Internet access unit: wi-fi
WWW: World Wide Web

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